Our Story

Nice to meet you

Hi! We’re Bill and Kelly Price, the owners of Price Diesel Performance. We moved to Middleburg, Fl in May of 2014 from Kenton, Oh. Bill has always had a dream to run his own diesel performance shop, but we were not sure when that dream would turn into a reality. Fast forward a few years to early 2017 when Bill sprung the news on Kelly that he wanted to lease a building space and open Price Diesel Performance. This came as a shock to Kelly seeing as she was VERY pregnant with our first child, Rhett. The first year and a half was pretty rough – Bill was working full-time for a company during the day, and working nights at the shop. The sacrifices made to build this dream were nothing to laugh at. In August 2018, Bill left his day job and took Price Diesel Performance full-time! It has been a crazy ride since the beginning, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Owning a small business has its ups and down, but you learn to just enjoy the ride they call small business ownership.

The Future…